Stylish tent and teepee for kids with your own hands

Every child likes to build various tents and shelters. After all, this kind of secluded place where you can play, read books or have fun with friends. Moreover, some even prefer to sleep there. Besides, this design will perfectly complement a child’s room and living room. Therefore, we offer you to make beautiful, original teepee with his hands.

The light wigwam

Prepare these materials:

  • wooden beams or bamboo poles – 6;
  • roulette;
  • twine;
  • drill;
  • dense fabric;
  • pencil;
  • needle;
  • long ribbon or ribbon – 6 PCs.;
  • thread;
  • the grommets;
  • lace;
  • pins.

Start to create the frame of a tepee. You can gather all the boards together and to connect them as shown in the diagram. After that you need to place them at the same interval.

The second method is a little more complex, but reliable. Each stick make a hole and connect them with each other, as shown in the photo.

Bred the boards as widely as possible, forming a cone. Wrapped several times the top of the frame with the rope.

Proceed to the formation of canopy. To do this, fold the fabric as shown in the diagram.

Carefully cut out the fabric according to the diagram and cut off the unnecessary parts.

Wrap the frame with fabric wrong side out. Connect the ends of the pins and mark where the fabric comes into contact with every stick. Remove the cloth and from the inside at the markings sew the ribbon or pieces of twine.

Start treatment in the region. To do this, folded it twice and stitched. If you wish, you can iron. But you can skip this step if you want to add a touch of design negligence.

The edges of the fabric attach eyelets and just zachorowania them with a ribbon or long shoelace.

Cover the teepee with fabric, zippered the top and a little bent fabric back to make a door. Inside lay a fluffy rug and pillows. If you want you can add more decor.

Tepee for girls

You will need the following:

  • tulle with a fine pattern to the lower part;
  • tulle with a pattern for the top;
  • wooden slats – 6 pieces;
  • gum;
  • line;
  • scissors;
  • a drill bit;
  • thick yarn or ribbon;
  • rope;
  • pencil;
  • button;
  • pins;
  • thread.

At each rail apply a markup and make a hole. Extending the rope through them and tie a knot. Set the frame and adjust the position of each rail.

Lay out the tulle with a large pattern. Cut a piece of material of triangular shape with cropped top.


Fold the top and bottom of the workpiece and fix them with pins. Sew them with each other. Repeat the same with the rest of the blanks. Put large triangles long sides, connect them with pins and sew.

We put the awning frame and fix his buttons. Cut off a small height a piece of tulle to make the threshold of the Lodge. One of the sides of the bent and stitched. We fix the threshold on the frame buttons.

Cut two strips of tulle with a small pattern. Each bit folded and stitched. Fix them on the sides of the opening.

Begin to create doors. For this cut of tulle with a fine pattern trapeze. Folded each of the sides and stitched. Remove the awning and to the top of the opening, sew the trapezoid.

Take six pieces of gum formed from them rings and sewn to the edges of the awning. This is necessary in order to lock it on the base. Take four cut ribbon or yarn and sewed them over the door. Should be two outside and two inside. Due to this, you can fix the door in the open position.

Striped teepee


  • wooden sticks – 4 PCs.;
  • dense stripe;
  • roulette;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • rope.

To start, make a pattern of the awning in miniature.

Transfer to the fabric pattern based on the size of the tepee. Make four equal parts and cut. The last cut into two parts in the vertical direction.

Collect design from wooden sticks and fix it with a rope.

Sew the triangles to each other as shown in the photo.

To caress the tent and lay on the floor. Draw a line along each seam, stepping down to five centimeters.

Fold along the side seam of the tent and sew. This is necessary in order to make the pocket for the stick.

Put each stick in the case and assemble the tepee. Fix the top rope. If you want you can decorate it with various flags.

Tent for Princess

The materials to build the tent:

  • the hula Hoop;
  • fabric for curtains and roof;
  • pins;
  • hook;
  • Velcro;
  • marker;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

If you are using a hula Hoop with a large diameter, you will need three strips of fabric, and if small, can take two. Fold long sides and sew.

Cut two strips of fabric for the roof. From paper make a template and transfer it n fabric, as shown in the photo. Carefully cut out the jigsaw.

Wrap the workpiece around the hula Hoop and note how long it needs to be.

The joined sections of tissue by the pins, as shown in the photo.

Sew the edges with zigzag. Cut the tops of the triangles, and also cut inside corner up to seam line.

Wrenched the workpiece and ironed it. Sew the upper part.

Of fabric for the roof cut a long strip. Sew a loop on which to hang the tent.

Wrenched it and we.

Cut eight triangles. Fasten together four blanks and sew them. Do the same thing with the others.

Before you connect the two large blanks, fix the loop.

Place the hula Hoop on top of the dome, the trimmed edge.

Sew to the top of the striped fabric tape with flags.

On the inside of the junction of the curtains and roof sewn Velcro.

Fix the hook with the tent on the ceiling! Luxury tent for a true Princess ready.

Pastel pink teepee


  • Reiki – 5pcs.;
  • twine;
  • button;
  • sections of tissue;
  • a pair of scissors.


Crisscross two strips and fix with twine.

Join two strips, then combine the entire design and firmly fix with twine.

Cut a long strip of fabric and additionally fix the basis of the tepee.

Fastened cut fabric buttons.

Alternately attachable to the rails of different sections of tissue. You can alternate them to make the tent look more original.

At desire it is possible to decorate the inside, adding beautiful pillows, bulk flowers, etc. Outside is very nice will look colorful flags.

Bright tent

We will need:

  • wooden poles – 3 PCs.;
  • wooden slats – 4 PCs.;
  • paint white and yellow;
  • bright fabric;
  • brush;
  • glue in the gun;
  • drill;
  • sewing machine.

On each rail make a small hole on either side.

Slats painted with white paint and leave to dry.

Painted yellow painted ends of the rails.Insert one pole in the lower holes of the rails. Glue them to the edges of the awning and fix so that the fabric was stretched. Beautiful bright tent is ready!

As you can see, to make a beautiful tent and a tepee and everyone can do. Use any of the presented master classes, add your own details and the result is really worthwhile.

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