Stylish men’s jacket. Trends 2018

Often men do not pay enough attention to their wardrobe and to take a few basic items. But current realities require them to match the style at least to some of its manifestations. For example, for special events or official visits to every representative of a strong half of mankind need to get a jacket. Before buying is to find out which trends will prevail in this narrow segment of the fashion industry.

The main trends of the new season 2018

Among the variety of men’s formal wear we can more clearly see some trends. Popular are patch pockets, a modernized classic in style and decor, original cutouts and leather details. Also in the trend duplicate jackets and models of velvet. One wardrobe for the new season can easily coexist, cropped jackets and oversized models, single breasted and double-breasted products, as well as a selection of prints from classical cells to the original ethnic ornaments.

Patch pockets at the modern jackets

Models with pockets have the versatility. They can be worn where required strict clothing and at the same time to be part of the everyday wardrobe. Straight fit of the jacket is complemented with curves on the floors. Often slicing such products leave untreated. In order to make it decent, you should choose high quality expensive materials. Such clothing would bring in the casual bow chic, despite some conservative lines. A good combination with the rest of the clothing will provide the image of uniqueness.

Tradition and classics with a modern twist

The classic silhouette of the jacket suggests a slightly fitted shape. This allows you to emphasize the masculinity of the figure. Add the product a fashionable gloss you can use a variety of suiting, which will create the desired image through modern textures and shades. In the top will remain the traditional blue blazers, gray and black. Also here is valid the restrained use of prints that will allow you to wear such clothes in Luky of casual style.

The original design of the cutouts

The new season is characterized by active use of the fashion designers creative elements cut. It implies non-standard forms of collars, original cut-outs and other unusual clothing for the severe methods of registration. The result is a unique product that distinguishes each new bow from the previous one.

Leather, as a material for jacket

Leather jackets remain on trend for many years. Such clothing is practical and masculine of course. Well-processed material is able to give the owner of a leather jacket an air of respectability and success. Modern designers permit the use of synthetic leather. This method works only in case of high quality PU material. It is best to choose straight or fitted jacket. The material will add a classic clothes enough eccentricity and originality. So there is no need for additional decor and shaped delights.

Sets two – piece

Already a favorite of all costumes – triples, modern designers decided to leave only the upper part. Thus in Vogue jackets, vests duplicated from the same cloth. This kit does not require full compliance of pants color and quality of two. This is the point of creating such pairs: excellent from the top of the pants give the image some relaxation. Here is fine even leather pants or jeans.

Jackets of velvet and velour

Plush velvet jackets are a special category of clothing which requires an appropriate occasion and mood. Of course, the talks in this jacket should not go, but the visit to the theater or the gala evening is quite acceptable. To create a harmonious bow should take care to color and texture combined with trousers, as well as the addition of a sweater or knit vest. Such images, like the jackets-two, came to the new season of the retro style. Fashion shows have demonstrated the validity of eclecticism in styles. On the podium came models in velvet jackets and sports shoes. Someone thinks such an experiment too bold, but shows Vesace and Cavalli demonstrates the harmony of these unusual combinations.

Shorter model

Short jackets have some requirements to their owners. A man should have a good figure. In addition to the choice of pants need to be more carefully: the style and fabric should be perfect. The cropped jacket can be made of leather, suede, denim. It is ideal for military-style. Also this model looks great in velour.

Jacket oversized

In contrast with the cropped jackets unusual look oversized. He gives the figure of a man, extra volume, but also requires the representative of the stronger sex toned body, as it can exacerbate the disadvantages associated with excess weight. The perfect combination would be the oversized blazer and tapered trousers. Moreover, the dependence of the volumes of the lower and upper part are inversely proportional.

Single-breasted and double-breasted blazers

Choosing the double-breasted model, it is worth remembering that you can wear it just closed. Otherwise, the jacket will lose its specific features. In the new season designers offer a very extravagant design options of such models.


The most common and practical remain single-breasted jackets which buttons are arranged in one row. In the top model matte color low-key shade. To create a festive bow, you can choose a product with printed cuffs. It single-breasted jackets are recommended to be worn holders of small belly.

The colours and patterns in fashion jackets

In addition to the previously proposed classic colors for a jacket at the top are still all kinds of cell. The trend this year was presented to all the world’s catwalks. Picking up this jacket, need to rely on fashion for this kind of clothing colors. Only in this case, plaid blazer will look elegant and aristocratic.

For the new season besides the classic blue, black and gray, designers recommend the color Marsala, mustard, yellowish beige and the color of bottle glass. Cell and strip in such shades will look amazing. Also pay attention to the model with contrast lapels, cuffs, or other inserts.

In the process of choosing the right jacket, you need to understand for yourself his purpose in the future. This method will allow you to purchase clothes that will not just take up space in the closet, and bring pleasure from regular use.

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