Style «oversize»: freedom and comfort in creating fashion images

For the past several seasons, the oversize is the leader of the fashion preferences. Voluminous clothes embody the basic requirements of fashionistas to stylish images – free style and style, ease and comfort. Why baggy sweaters, coats, pants like girls? All in the magical powers of clothing of this fashion direction to hide the flaws of the female figure.

Style oversize denies the fashionable standards of beauty, which was a priority for a long time. Provocative and bold images of oversize on advantage was estimated by an independent fashionistas who are not afraid to challenge established canons.

The oversize style: what is it

The literal translation of the concept of oversize means «too big», «more size». The main rule of style was a deliberate choice of clothing several sizes larger than you wear. You can also choose clothes of your size but with a loose and baggy fit.

The basic things are considered oversize style – chunky, loose coats, sweaters, pullovers if borrowed from the wardrobe of your boyfriend.

Baggy clothing is not a new feature of fashion trends. In the 20-ies of XX century fashionista changed the boring corsages and crinolines free chiffon outfits.

In 60-ies style oversize was the key to the images of subcultures such as hippies, rockers, hipsters. Lightweight, plain-weave fabric was replaced by outfits with an abundance of vegetal, geometric and abstract prints, tunics cut free, colorful shirts.

But the real peak of popularity of the oversize – 90-e years when the main consumers of fashion were representatives of hip-hop, preferring dimensionless tracksuits, ripped boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt on one shoulder.

Style oversized: suitable for

There is a perception that baggy clothes for the rescue girls that have problems with excess weight. Really, oversize largely justified their expectations and visually flattering silhouette.

But modern oversize focuses on slim girls, who wear a boxy cut will look much more attractive.

The right choice of clothing oversize

First of all, you must learn to distinguish things stylish style oversize plain clothes, able a larger size.

Creating fashionable clothes, the designers deliberately increase some of the details, think fit and retain the proportions of the silhouette. Shelf, back, lapels, sleeves and pockets get extra volume that corresponds to the main principles of the oversize.

The result is a free and even oversized clothing, which creates the feeling things from someone else’s shoulder.

Images oversize look good on large girls and petite and slender.

Universal fit oversized clothing allows you to hide certain parts of your body that you are unhappy. For example, three-dimensional drape free hip jeans, and the flaws in the abdomen hiding extra long sweaters and switchtime.

Creating a stylish way oversize, remember that the set should only consist of 1-2 things larger. Monoloc oversize invalid.

If you use oversized coat or cardigan, the bottom of your image should not be free. To balance this way will allow skinny jeans, pencil skirt or bodycon dress.

Basic things oversize

Now you know what is an oversize style, but that’s no reason to rush to the store and buy attractive on your sweater just because he’s bigger.

Designer clothes in this style are carefully constructed and thought out. Increase only certain portions of the garment – sleeves, collars, which she looks dimensionless.

Offer you the most relevant things oversize, which are the most popular fashion in this season.

Coat oversize

The multilayer masculinist is particularly relevant in winter time. Coat larger variety of styles to perfectly complement the image and make it really stylish.

As for styles, the trend cropped coats, to knee length or Maxi models. Designers «play» with the design of the sleeves as the main attribute of style, and offered fashionistas a variety of options from short, ¾ to deliberately elongated.

Colors coat oversize for several seasons unchanged. This is still a soft pastel tone (pink, beige, coffee with milk, white) or bright saturated colors (turquoise, deep blue, khaki, graphite, classic black).

Oversize dress

Loose dress – a popular choice of girls. It may be a basic thing in fashion images throughout the year.

In the light freely flowing dress you will feel incredibly loose and relaxed.

The cashmere, knitted, cotton, woolen dresses oversize indispensable elements of women’s wardrobe.

There are many models of dresses in this style from straight silhouette with a minimum of decoration and design to more complex, such as the shirt dress.

These styles do not hamper movement, and perfectly hides figure flaws.
Pay special attention to the accessories that will smooth unsized canvas dresses and to highlight your figure. Wide belt with buckle, layered beads and other bright ornaments most appropriate in the images oversized.

Sweater and cardigan in oversize style

Without those warm and cozy things you do not do any women’s closet. Style oversized made a change to this comfortable clothes and made them basic elements a fashionable way.

Sweaters and cardigans free cut must necessarily be made large viscous or to have a fine close texture.

It is very important to choose a quality material that after a few washings does not lose. Cheap knitwear in combination with an oversized style will look sloppy.

Give preference to solid models. Voluminous knit top goes best with leggings, skinny jeans, skirt karandish, triggername, mini skirt or fitted shorts.

Jeans oversized

Baggy jeans loved by fashionistas all over the world. Style icon Sarah Jessica Parket often uses in his bows jeans several sizes larger. The most relevant models 7/8, rolled up at the bottom and ripped jeans model with low waist.

This style goes well with shoes that visually lengthen the figure.

As the top of the image, use the things that you like, but remember the main rule oversize – volume 1 thing in the same way.

Under loose jeans select tight top, fitted shirt, tunic with V-neck or pullover one shoulder.

Oversize style for bold and decisive, for those who deny the fashion rules and creates its own unique images every day. If you are such person, you will definitely complete your wardrobe things oversize.

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