Stolen at CES 2017 laptops Razer found… in China

As you know, CES 2017, the company Razer somehow stole two experimental notebook Valerie, and the manufacturer offered a $ 25,000 reward for information which would help to detain the criminals.

Well, try to get these coveted 25 000 can now either, because we already know what happened to the laptops. Although I don’t think Razer will be able to punish thieves.

Unashamedly criminals or those who got laptops out of their hands already sell the loot on the Chinese website Taobao. That is, the laptops for some time are in China. The owner of a unique apparatus Razer asks for your trophy approximately 21 700$.

At Razer, there is a simple way to bring laptop computers to buy them. But the story ends is unclear.



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