Steve Wozniak criticizes the lack of 3.5 mm Jack of the iPhone, adding «the future belongs to USB-C

One of the founders of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) believes that the audience will perceive critical information about the lack of a standard 3.5 mm connector in the new smartphone family, the iPhone.

«If it does not have 3.5 mm connector, it will alienate many, he said in an interview with The Australian Financial Review. — I’m not going to use Bluetooth, I don’t like the wireless sound transmission. I have a machine where you can plug in the power cord or by Bluetooth, in the latter case, the music sounds very flat».

Steve Wozniak added that he uses wired headphones with ear cushions made to order. They sit on your place is extremely comfortable, without causing discomfort, even during sleep. If you wish to continue to use these headphones, he, like many others, I would need an adapter, but it is not very convenient.

Wozniak said that if in the future Bluetooth technology will allow you to transfer sound in the best quality, it may reconsider its position. As for the connector for the transmission of sound, which will be popular in the future, Steve Wozniak believes that the USB-C.

Recall, Intel recently called USB-C connector for proper sound output.



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