Steve jobs, stepping down as head of Apple, engaged in revolutionary TV

At the moment, Apple offers the Apple TV, but rumors have repeatedly pointed out that the cupertinos are also working on a full branded television.

The Recode publication has published an interesting post about a conversation that happened between Steve jobs (Steve Jobs) and journalist Walt Mossberg (Walt Mossberg) five years ago, just after jobs resigned from his post as head of the company in connection with deterioration of state of health. During the conversation, jobs explained that he decided to do the last important task — creation of revolutionary TV.

«He was not going to fully retire, then published a press release this point was not clarified until the end. But he wanted me to know that he planned to continue to participate in the strategic decisions of Apple, but also to do something else,» writes Mossberg.

Response to Steve jobs on specifying question of the journalist was: «Well, we are talking about television. I think we found the way and the finished product will be fantastic. I would like you to visit me in a few months, I’ll show you what we’re working on».

During the conversation, Mossberg realized that Steve jobs was involved in the creation of truly innovative TV, which was supposed to produce a real revolution in the industry: «He was supposed to be like other Apple products, have high quality and be easy to use. But Steve was not only thinking about the hardware characteristics it was obvious».

A month later, after this conversation, Steve jobs passed away.


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