Stereo system Koda EX-569T supplemented by subwoofer SW-850 MKII

Polish Polpak company introduced a set of passive stereo speakers Koda EX-569T, related to the primary segment. Design shelf, with the rear panel bass reflex. The housing is finished with PVC film and the front panel is painted with Matt black paint, the thickness of the MDF is only 12 mm. In this case the manufacturer indicates a good resistance of the hull resonances may exist within the girth rarely seen in the budget segment.

The claimed frequency range from 48 Hz to 20 kHz is covered by the tweeter with a silk dome with a diameter of 25 mm and a bass speaker with a diameter of 165 mm with Kevlar radiator. Increased magnetic system tweeter enables better control of the movement of the membrane, the design of the coil WOOFER loudspeaker applied Kapton. Nominal impedance 4 ohms, sensitivity 88 dB, with dimensions of 33 x 19.5 x 24.1 cm the mass of each column is 5.75 kg.

Company stereo Koda EX-569T may be the subwoofer Koda SW-850 MKII, the body of which has a similar finish but is made of MDF boards with a thickness of 18 mm. Loudspeaker with a diameter of 200 mm with emitter on cellulose-based designed for continuous operation at high volume levels, the manufacturer claims a long-term and peak power at 100 W and 250 W, respectively. Fazoinvertor bred in the floor, which increases the sound pressure. The cutoff frequency is adjusted in the range 50-200 Hz, it is possible to adjust the phase and signal level. With dimensions of 32.2 x 27 x 33.5 cm product weight is 8.6 kg. Stereo Koda EX-569T estimated at $135, subwoofer Koda SW-850 MKII $120.


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