Stencils for the New year 2018: the fabulous patterns on your Windows

New year – the long-awaited and joyful holiday not only for children but also for adults. A holiday atmosphere permeated with a sense of magic and anticipation of new events and meetings.

In many ways, this emotional state occurs when looking at the many Christmas decorations, garlands, balloons and decorations. Since the beginning of December, many homes are transformed and «dressed» in glittering, shimmering lights and other decorations.

Create a magical atmosphere in the house is possible not only with the decorated Christmas trees and garlands. Decorated with stencils of the window will be most striking and memorable Christmas decoration 2018.

You need to create stencils

From the young age we learned to cut snowflakes and ornate sculpted them with toothpaste on the Windows group, so each of us has any experience in creating stencils.

To create the various stencils suitable paper:

  • regular office A4
  • Whatman
  • foil
  • fluted paper

In addition, prepare a utility knife or scissors to cut (with patterns in relief), pencils or paint and, of course, toothpaste.

In order not to spoil the table, take a wooden Board or a small piece of plywood, which you will cut a stencil.

Sequence of actions:

  • to determine a pattern which will be displayed on your Windows. Of course, it must be Christmas motifs – snowflakes, snowmen, bells, Christmas trees, etc.

You can create your own stencil based or download online.

If you draw well or just decided to show imagination and create a unique pattern on the Windows, draw on a piece of paper through the pencil.


With ready-made stencils much easier. Them you need to download and just print.

So, the basis for the stencil ready. Start cutting out.

Use a utility knife that is best suited for this. Thanks to the beveled edge allows it to make the cuts smooth without rough edges and indent.

You should now have this stencil as in the figures below.

If you have any plastic stencil, which is often used by children for games, you can use them.

What to paint on the Windows?

This versatile and very convenient «paint» is easily applied to the surface of the glass and also simply washed away. It is this property of toothpaste used most often for Christmas decorations Windows.

Before you begin, you should dilute the paste with a small amount of water. You should get a little thick solution, similar to sour cream.

You can use the 2 ways of drawing snowflakes:

  • drop into plate of pasta snowflakes and other figures, which remained after cutting out the stencil and glue them to the glass
  • directly applying the stencil to the glass surface and with a sponge apply the pattern

Incredibly beautiful it turns out the picture, splashing movements of the toothbrush. He looks like a natural pattern of snow.

Sweet lace

This method is very like children, after all, to create patterns on glass used sugar.

To start, prepare the stencil. Further dilute with water honey or clear syrup and put a sweet liquid to clean the glass using a stencil.

Pat sponge or a spray on adhesive base powdered sugar. Wait for complete drying of the pattern, and remove stencil. The excess powder with a soft brush swipe.

Artificial magic

To create this decoration for Windows, you will need a stencil made of office paper and artificial snow in cans.

For a few seconds and place the stencil in water and stick it to the glass surface. Spray it on artificial snow, positioning the balloon at a distance of 30-50 centimeters.

So you will achieve the desired density pattern. Wait for the pictures to dry and remove the stencil.


Watercolor or gouache paint is easy to apply on glass, they do not need to breed, suffering from proportions. In addition, you can create a solid white painting, as in the case of toothpaste, and to draw the whole picture with green Christmas trees and bright Christmas decorations.

For painting of glass is preferable gouache, as it washed off easier than watercolor.

Prepare a stencil from paper or any other material. Attach it to the glass surface with a sponge or brush, apply a drawing.

Motion can be tapping or sprinkles, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

To make your picture look more contrasting, you can circle the contours of the final drawing with black paint or decorate it with glitter or sequins.

Stencils on the window by the New year 2018: original ideas

What to paint on the Windows, so they are most definitely passed the Christmas mood and fit in with the overall decor of the house?

Symbol of the year

Undoubtedly the dog as a symbol of the coming year must be present in the decoration of the Christmas tree, walls and Windows of the house.

The composition on the glass in the form of a friendly pet, very relevant in the pre-season. Be sure to draw on the Windows of the dog, which let in your home good luck and prosperity.

Santa Claus

Traditional stencils, which are used to decorate the Windows – this is Grandfather frost, snow maiden, Snowman.

These figures will allow you to create a fabulous atmosphere in the baby’s room or living room.


To calculate the exact number of options Christmas snowflakes no one will. Everyone comes up with their own unique pattern of this winter attribute.

It is sufficient to fold the paper several times and walk through the workpiece with a pair of scissors and you’ll be a terrific basis for the drawings on the glass or mirror.

The numbers of the coming year

It’s not just numbers, they are decorated with a variety of drawings, patterns. The Internet presents a large number of stencils with the number 2018.

Print them with a utility knife, cut out each number. They can decorate not only Windows, but also mirrors, furniture or doors.

Windows – the «eyes» of a home, so it is important that in the new year night they looked magical and festive. Stencils greatly facilitate decorating and allow you to quickly create incredibly beautiful designs and patterns on glass surfaces and mirrors.

Happy New year, dear readers!

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