Started the fundraising for «the world’s first wearable gaming platform» SuperSuit

On the website Indiegogo began fundraising for the release of the product SuperSuit. The developers claim that the SuperSuit is the world’s first wearable gaming platform.

Allegedly SuperSuit builds a new paradigm in gaming, filling the gap left by the augmented and virtual reality. Unlike the games, the main means of interaction which serves as the screen SuperSuit offers to play in the real world.

SuperSuit consists of three components: gloves SuperGlove, vest, SuperVest and separate from the module SuperBot. The glove is used for «shooting» other players and lets you use gestures to activate additional features, manage bots and game. Vest with vibration, light and sound indication informs the user that hits it. The SuperBot module, fixed on the vest, can serve as a helper in the attack on other players or game object in games like «capture the flag». The interaction between players is possible on distance to 30 m. the Creators SuperSuit say that they didn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and proprietary Protocol Zi-Fi, in order to form an independent network without the participation of mobile devices, computers, or other equipment.

Without charging you can play up to four hours. Sets are offered in pairs, priced from $269. Of course, the success of SuperSuits will largely depend on the availability of games. Initially there will be 15. In the future the access the SDK will provide third-party developers that allows to hope for increase in the number of games.

Source: Indiegogo


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