Started sales of liquid cooling systems Antec Mercury

According to the source, the company started selling the Antec liquid cooling systems 120 Mercury, Mercury, Mercury 240 and 360 processors.

All three models follows the General pattern, including the pump, combined with the waterblock. The manufacturer notes the use of the graphite pump bearings, lube, and ceramic axes. Hoses the pump unit is connected with the radiator plates which are arranged with a pitch of 2.8 mm, which provides optimum air flow and high heat exchange efficiency. The dimensions and number of fans depends on the model of the cooling system.

Pump embellished with backlight, which color is an indicator of coolant temperature. Blue color corresponds to temperatures less than 48°C, green indicates the temperature is in the range 49-60°C and at temperatures above 60°C backlight becomes red.

Model Mercury 120 is 69 Euro per model Mercury 240 asking 99 euros, and the model Mercury 360 will cost 125 euros. On cooling the Mercury series offers five-year warranty.



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