Started accepting pre-orders for the new EK-Supremacy EVO for AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Company EK Water Blocks presented waterblock EK-Supremacy EVO for AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

Nickel plated copper base of the waterblock size exactly matches the lid of the processor. Also opposite the area contacting with the processor, in block 52 formed of a microchannel with a step of 0,25 mm. this ensures efficient heat transfer.

The manufacturer offers three versions of the waterblock with different cover material, which may pisupati POM Acetal, clear acrylic plastic or chrome plated bronze. The first two are for 68 euros, and the third 87 euros. Included is a portion of the Thermal Grizzly thermal paste Hydronaut.

Taking pre-orders already started. The date of shipment named on August 18. Tags:
EK Water Blocks


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