Started accepting pre-orders for the g-IV Heatkiller waterblocks ‘ custom for AMD Threadripper

In August, the company Watercool undertook the development of a waterblock designed for AMD processors Threadripper. This week the manufacturer announced that the product is ready. Moreover, it has already started pre-order in three varieties: copper containing Nickel, and Nickel-plated-black. First deliveries will begin November 10, two other — 24.

The copper option is made from copper as the base and cover.

Nickel plated variant differs only by the presence of the coating.

In the case of the third variant of the Nickel-plated copper base and cap is made of transparent acrylic plastic. On top of it is aluminum casing, anodized black.

In addition, Nickel-plated-black block is decorated with full-color backlight, designed for connection to a standard connector on the RGB LED on the motherboard, built on chipset X399.



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