Started accepting pre-orders for the backpack the HP Backpack Powerup battery capacity 22 400 mA∙h

Amazon started taking pre-orders for the backpack the HP Backpack Powerup. The feature of this backpack focus on the needs of users of laptops and mobile devices.

The backpack is equipped with a battery capacity of 22 400 mA∙h, which is placed in a special pocket and can be used to recharge laptop and mobile devices. Appropriate cables and adaptors included in the kit, and the walls of the backpack has the necessary holes.

In addition, there is a pocket for the laptop power adapter and hole for headphone wire.

Built-in temperature sensor allows you to avoid overheating in the backpack devices. The size of the backpack is 16 x 33 x 50 cm

Price new is $200. Deliveries will begin on 1 October.

Sources: Slashgear, Amazon



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