Start grombala Samsung Chromebook Pro is postponed, and with it the release of beta support FOR Android into Chrome OS

Last fall, Samsung introduced the premium chromebook Chromebook Pro, eye-catching design, screen format and the presence of a digital pen included. Earlier this year, Samsung re-introduced this device along with the model of Chromebook Plus. However settings Chromebook Pro has changed: instead of the SoC Rockchip RK3399 in mobile PC ordered Intel Core CPU m3.

PC has promised to release in April. Moreover, the market launch of this model had to be associated with the introduction of full support for Chrome OS apps for Android, since the announcement of this feature, she continues to remain in beta testing.

April ended a few days ago and Chromebook Pro on the market and has not appeared. According to the source, Samsung to postpone the launch of the device until the end of spring. More precise timing the manufacturer has not disclosed. Most likely, reflects a desire by Google to modify the compatibility mode of Chrome OS with Android apps, because now it works not perfect.

The postponement of the launch of the iconic grombala can mean the fact that in the end, with its output a function of the compatibility of Android with Chrome OS will come out of beta stage and Google will continue to work on problems indefinitely.

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