Stanford University will distribute 1000 of smart hours Apple Watch in an attempt to find new scenarios for using the device

As you know, the main reason that the smartwatch market very quickly was replaced by growth on the decline, is the lack of innovation and a really important and useful scenarios for the use of such devices.

Apple after the launch of Watch became the leader of the market, but sales of smart watches of the company are decreasing rapidly and it is unlikely that anything will change in the near future.

So experts at Stanford University decided to look for new usage scenarios of smart watches. Only they do it will be not by yourself. Center Stanford Center for Digital Health, which is part of the University is going to distribute up to 1,000 hours of Apple Watch and up to $ 10 000 faculty and staff the faculties with a view to finding new ways of using smart watches to health.

The center began to accept applications from those wishing to participate in the project. Investigators must provide their own use cases in one of two directions. The first involves the use primarily of various sensors, hrs (heart rate sensor, accelerometer and so on) with the aim of the study progress indicators, and the second is built around the influence of various notifications and other smart watch functions on the user’s behavior.

Under the program, the anonymous data will be used for studies of the headquarters and some branches. Applications will be accepted until 26 February, and the project will start in April.

It should be noted that the project will involve groups of individuals, and not a single interested people. That is, applications will be accepted from teams that will research one chosen issue in the course of one year.



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