SSDs Team Group L5 Lite uses 3D NAND with volumetric layout

The company Team Group has introduced a new line of SSD standard size 2,5 inches — L5 Lite 3D. In the name of the series reflects the feature of: use NAND with volumetric layout. However, for the average consumer this information could be omitted, because the use of 3D NAND in no way affected the speed of storage options.

You can say even more: according to the declared data L5 Lite 3D inferior to many analogues, because the maximum speed of read and write 420 and 470 MB/s, and maximum performance read and write random access blocks of 4 KB – 70 000 IOPS. All this is true only for models with capacity of 480 GB, write speed models with a volume of 120 and 240 GB is even smaller: 300 and 400 MB/s respectively. Performance version with capacity of 240 GB almost corresponds to the performance of the older model, but the performance is noticeably younger below: 30 000 and 40 000 IOPS when reading and writing random access blocks of 4 KB respectively.

Drives made in the usual metal case, dimensions 100 x 69,9 x 7 mm and connected to interface SATA 6GB/S. the Stated time between failure of 1,000,000 hours.

The cost of the drives is not reported, but judging by the performance expensive Team Group L5 Lite 3D just will not.

Source: Team Group

Team Group


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