SSDs Colorful CN600 and SL500 use flash memory TLC NAND, CN500 — MLC NAND

The company has recently introduced solid state drives CN600, SL500 and CN500 240 GB.

Colorful CN600 drive in the form of an expansion card size M. 2-2280 is equipped with interface of PCIe 3.0 x2. It uses a Realtek controller RTS5760 and flash memory TLC NAND.

Sequential read speed reaches 800 MB/s, sequential write — 700 MB/s. Performance on operations with random access in read mode declared equal to 50 000 IOPS in recording mode — 100 000 IOPS. The external hallmark of CN600 is the presence of the radiator.

Drive CN500 is also made in the form of M. 2-2280, but is equipped with interface SATA 6 GB/s. it uses a Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller and flash memory MLC NAND. Sequential read speed is 530 MB/s, sequential write — 250 MB/s Performance on the operations random access reaches 70 000 IOPS and 60,000 IOPS in read mode and write respectively.

SL500 drive size 2.5 inches is also equipped with interface SATA 6 GB/s. the Thickness of this SSD is 7 mm. In the SL500 uses a bunch of controller Silicon Motion SM2256 and flash memory TLC NAND. Speed sequential read reaches 530 MB/s, sequential write — 450 MB/s. as for the maximum performance on operations with random access, it is equal to 80 000 IOPS.

Source: Techpowerup



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