SSD Toshiba A100 got a brand new controller TC58NC1010

The range appeared Toshiba SSD series A100, custom designed for PC requiring affordable SSD. New items are enclosed in body size 2.5 inches height 7 mm, and its volume is 120 or 240 GB.

Controller Toshiba TC58NC1010 communicates with the flash memory TLC NAND, produced by the norms of 15 nm by Toshiba. The resource record is evaluated at 30 and 60 TB, depending on the volume SSD. Part of the cells is transferred to the SLC mode, allowing the streaming speed read and write reach 550 and 480 MB/s, respectively. Operations random access these indicators are already and 82000 87000 IOPS.

PC Toshiba A100 drives are connected through SATA 6GB/s, supports NCQ and TRIM. Operating temperature range: 0°C to 65°C power consumption when recording is 3.4 watts. In the sale of novelty will appear in October, and the warranty will be three years.



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