SSD Team Group T-Force Cardea M. 2 have an effective heat sink

In stock Team Group appeared series SSD T-Force Cardea M. 2, designed for high-performance systems that support NVMe Protocol 1.2. The company says the capabilities of the drives in this series to maintain performance at a constant level even during long loads, thanks to the efficient cooling of the controller. It’s not just about large enough radiator, but also about the thermal interface, the thermal conductivity which is significantly higher than the number of counterparts.

To show the difference between SSD T-Force Cardea M. 2 normal SSD without the radiator and the model with the radiator, but standard thermal interface, the company decided in the following table:

In a series of Team Group T-Force Cardea M. 2 includes storage capacity of 240 and 480 GB, which performance when streaming reads and records reaches 2650 and 1450 MB/s, respectively (for the younger model indicators 50 MB/s below). The operations read and write random blocks performance up to 180 and 150 thousand IOPS, respectively. The role of interface PCI-e 3.0 x4.

The manufacturer claims the resource records in 335 and 670 TB that grows with the storage volume. Supported SMART diagnostics, garbage collection algorithms, load distribution and TRIM command. SSD Team Group T-Force Cardea M. 2 protected three-year warranty.

Team Group


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