SSD Plextor M8Se will be an available option drives with interface PCI-e NVMe Protocol

In stock Plextor will soon have high-speed solid state drives series M8Se, which will be a more affordable alternative to the line M8Pe. Borrowed from its predecessor, the Marvell controller Eldora 88SS1093, but now uses a different flash-memory manufactured using norms of 15 nm TLC NAND Toshiba.

In line with Plextor drives M8Se will include models with a capacity of 128, 256, 512, and 1,024 GB, and the capacity of the cache memory LPDDR3 they also different: two little SSD it is equal to 512 MB, two older 1 and 2 GB. The speed of streaming read operations depends on the capacity and is 1850-2450 MB/s, when recording is already 1000 MB/s all models with the exception of the youngest (570 MB/s). The operations read and write random blocks performance grows from 135000/8000 IOPS IOPS to 210000/175000. The basic model is able to withstand the write data up to 80 TB, this figure is doubled along with the capacity (up to 640 TB).

The radiator is a new design handles heat dissipation is 20% more effective, in addition, it is decorated with blue backlight. SSD Plextor M8Se will also appear in the size M. 2. Start of sales is expected in June or July.



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