SSD OCZ VX500 based on 15-nm MLC NAND

The company Toshiba under the brand OCZ presented SSD line VX500. They are not yet available on the official website, but the Network already has reviews of new products.

VX500 — budget solution to the format of 2.5 inches. For SSD with capacity of 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB, respectively, asking for $64, $93, $153 and $337. The device is based on Toshiba controllers TC358790 and use 15-nanometer MLC memory production Toshiba.

Read speed, all new products are identical and is 550 MB/s write Speed in the order of increasing capacity is 485, 510, 515 and 515 MB/s. the older models with a capacity of 1 TB is 256 MB of cache memory.

Performance in read operations in the same order equal to 62 000, 90 000, and 92 000 92 000 IOPS, and the record is 49, 000, 58 000, 64 000 and 65 000 IOPS. The declared value of TBW in the unchanging order as high as 74, 148, 296 and 592 TB. On all disk drives extends five-year warranty.



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