SSD Memblaze Pblaze5 volume reached 11 TB

Memblaze company introduced a new generation of high-performance SSD Pblaze5 designed for datacenters and other time-critical processing tasks. From the previous line Pblaze4 the model features Protocol support NVMe 1.2 a, increasing output and productivity.

As a flash storage device is used eTLC 3D NAND, there are modifications Pblaze5 700 Series and 900 Series, both the drives are the standard size 2.5 inch port U. 2 and PCIe ® 3.0 x4 in the expansion card slot PCIe 3.0 x8. The main differences between the series in the following:

  • 700 Series: volume 2, 3,6, 4, 8, 11 TB, a well-established performance in random read and write IOPS up to 210000, the resource records within five years: one full overwrite daily volume;
  • 900 Series: volume 2, 3,2, 4, 8 TB, a well-established performance in random reads and write IOPS up to 304000, resource records for five years: three daily overwrite the full amount .

Delays in reading and writing is 90 and 15 microseconds respectively. The cost of new products the manufacturer is not reported.



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