SSD Corsair NX500 is equipped with a flash memory and the MLC supported the NVMe Protocol

ASRock is preparing to release performance SSD series NX500; the official announcement has not been, but the drives lit up on the pages of Newegg, although at the moment the page with their mention is only available in the Google cache.

SSD Corsair NX500 is equipped with a common controller Phison PS5007-E7, which supports PCIe 3.0 x4 and NVMe 1.1 b Protocol. The controller has proven itself in a number of budget drives, but Corsair NX500 is difficult to attribute to them. The thing that uses flash memory MLC, now universally inferior position less expensive 3D TLC. Performance when streaming reads and records reaches 3000 and 2400 MB/s, respectively, in operations with random access, 270 and 300 thousand IOPS, respectively.

Cooling SSD had a big radiator, full length of the PCB. Drives Corsair NX500 is estimated at $320 for the model with a volume of 400 GB and $700 for 800 GB.

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