SSD Adata SU700 based on Maxiotek controller and the flash memory 3D NAND

Adata has announced the release of SSD series SU700, first shown last year. These drives are stated as affordable, they Maxiotek controller is combined with the original circuit Board and component base and IOS, selected and developed by experts Adata.

Family Adata SU700 will include drives with a capacity of 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB, they use flash memory TLC 3D NAND, complemented by a caching system WriteBooster, the transferring of cells in a fast SLC mode. The performance of stream operations reading and writing reaches 560 and 520 MB/with accordingly, overheating of the SSD controller may reduce the frequency and voltage. Note support for AES encryption with a key of 256 bit length.

The TBW (resource record) my older model up to 560 TB, in three years. Reduced to about 7 mm height of the housing expands the list of compatible laptops.



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