SSD Adata SC660H and SV620H switched to multi-level flash memory

SSD manufacturers does not always disclose information about changes in the type of used flash memory or changing the controller serial drives; moreover not always these changes have a beneficial effect on consumer quality. In the case of SSD Adata SC660H and SV620H changes seem to have happened in a better way.

These models are updated versions released just a few months ago SSD. To replace planar NAND flash memory came 3D TLC NAND available to the user volume has increased from 240 and 480 GB to 256 and 512 GB. It is also possible were replaced and the controller. Novelties switched from USB 3.0 to USB 3.1. The speed of streaming read operations increased slightly from 420 to 440 MB/s write speed, on the contrary, decreased from 440 to 430 MB/s.

The differences between the models not only in design, but also in its materials: if Adata SV620H has a plastic case, Adata SC660H it’s titanium. The warranty period is unchanged at three years.



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