Sprint is accused in the new bankruptcy RadioShack

In 2015, electronics chain RadioShack filed for bankruptcy. Shortly thereafter, most of the 4000 radio shack stores were closed and the remaining 1400 operator Sprint had the opportunity to take up to 1/3 of the surface area and add to the design of its own brand.

RadioShack recently, the company was again bankrupt. According to the creditors, this time the fault lies with the company Sprint, against which they filed a lawsuit last week.

Reportedly, Sprint has not complied with the terms of the contract. In particular, it does not placed their goods and sellers in the joint stores. Instead, resulting from the cooperation the location of the 200 most successful businesses were deployed nearby competing stores. The evaluation of the plaintiffs, Sprint destroyed approximately 6,000 jobs RadioShack and prevented the recovery of the network.

As compensation the plaintiffs seek to recover from the operator of $ 500 million.
p>Source: Engadget


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