Sprint and T-Mobile are discussing the last details of the merger — in total, these companies are more than 80 billion dollars

Two major U.S. Telecom operators Sprint and T-Mobile — discuss the last details of the merger, which may be announced at the end of October. Such information received by Bloomberg from informants familiar with the situation.

The merger will allow Sprint and T-Mobile successfully resist larger competitors AT&T and Verizon Communications.

Now the parties complete the audit, which will determine the coefficient of the exchange of shares is one of the last obstacles to be overcome before the announcement of the transaction.

At the end of last trading session the market value of Sprint is about 29 billion dollars. Company SoftBank, which owns a controlling stake in the fourth largest mobile operator in the U.S., will agree on the assessment close to market value — say the informants. The market value of T-Mobile is about 52 billion dollars.

In addition to the money issue, the negotiators need to agree on a distribution of positions and to select the location for the headquarters of the combined company.

In 2011, AT&T almost bought T-Mobile for 39 billion dollars, however, the deal upset because they failed to obtain the approval of the regulators. Then T-Mobile has received a record — high compensation — $ 4 billion. This allowed T-Mobile to not only strengthen its position but also to bypass the Sprint, becoming the third largest mobile operator in the United States. By the way, this time, compensation is not provided.


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