Spinners also can light up

In 2017, downloads found rotating toys for stress relief spinners (from the English. spinner), which actually was invented in the 90-ies of the last century.

In addition to the regular spinners, appeared in the sale of toys with backlight, Bluetooth and even built-in speakers for music playback. Of course, such devices have got built-in rechargeable batteries.

In an interview with the television channel FOX family from Alabama told me how a similar toy that was on the charger, caught fire. Fortunately, the owner of the spinner was in this moment was in the room. He quickly responded and put the fire. In the end, the family escaped with a broken carpet.

The parents wanted to contact the manufacturer, but on the box there is only the standard inscription Made in China. Had to notify the safety Commission consumer products USA, which began an investigation.

According to sources, another similar case was recorded in Michigan.


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