Spin Transfer Technologies begins shipment of study samples memory ST-MRAM

Company, Spin Transfer Technologies (STT), occupied by the development of magnetoresistive random access memory random access on the effect of the transfer of the spin (Orthogonal Spin Transfer Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory, OST-MRAM), announced the start of deliveries of trial samples.

According to the manufacturer, fully functional samples are supplied to numerous customers in North America and Asia. In these samples the magnetic width of the tunnel transition is 80 nm, which is the best indicator for ST-MRAM. Memory chips come on the boards for developers, so customers can immediately begin to familiarize with their work, assessing the suitability for their own projects.

In the next stage the STT looks forward to working with partners to develop embedded memory, working in parallel over the memory chips in the form of independent products, in particular, increasing their density and performance.

According to STT, the memory OST-MRAM may replace both flash memory, memory of type SRAM and DRAM. Among the fields of application related mobile devices, automotive electronics, Internet of things and data warehouse.

Source: Spin Transfer Technologies


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