Spectacular pedicure with rhinestones: photo-ideas 2018

Beautiful elegant pedicure – an indispensable attribute of well-groomed women who pay attention to every detail of his image. It is not enough just to paint your nails plain lacquer, you need to create a unique design that will fit harmoniously in your everyday or festive outfit.

What rhinestones to use

Pedicure with rhinestones – the best that today can offer nail industry. This design looks stylish and modern. The range of decorative elements available to fashionistas, impresses with its diversity.

In stores presents a huge number of crystals with different types of cut, degree of clarity and shades.

Among them are the plastic crystals and the more expensive Swarovski crystals.

Plastic rhinestones are very popular among girls mostly due to the low cost. But, despite this, they look nice and bright. This option is suitable for beginners. The low cost allows not to save and to use such number as required for design.

Swarovski crystals are more expensive, but the quality and the most beautiful. Made of glass, they possess an indescribable beautiful game faces. Rhinestones sparkle, shimmer and Shine.

Nail-masters recommend to buy a small set of crystals of small diameter. They are indispensable to create both everyday and festive options of pedicures.

The shape of the stones also varied, but the most popular round. They fit almost any design and look beautiful on the nails.

In addition to round you can find rhinestones the following forms:

  • stars
  • hearts
  • droplets
  • squares
  • diamonds, etc.

The choice solely depends on the design you want to implement on their legs.

What to fix the rhinestones

There are several methods of attaching rhinestones to the surface of the nail plate:

  • special glue can be purchased in stores for nail design and manicure
  • clear varnish – used in case if there are no glue or rhinestones are so small that they will look ugly with adhesive.

  • decorative coating – to do this, apply the nail lacquer and a little dry. Attach to the surface of the crystals without using glue. After gluing they should be slightly pressed to the surface of the nail, but not too much or it could spoil the freshly applied varnish or painting.

It is important to catch the moment when the nail Polish dries up already, but not yet fully «grappled» with the nail plate. It was at this time a dressing.


Where to place the rhinestones

Location the rhinestone on the nail plate important point that many girls leave without attention. It is from this nuance depends on how will look the final result of your work.

The most popular version at the rhinestone is a line «smile» about the basal of the hole. This design looks attractive, gentle and feminine.

No less relevant way – a vertical row of small pebbles. You can place it in the centre of the nail plate, and slightly shift to one side.

The above methods are considered classics nail decoration on his feet, but nobody forbids to Express their own imagination and create an abstract design. It can be made to a particular celebration, for example, to a wedding, summer holidays with colorful rhinestones and thematic design of the «vest».

Prepare feet for pedicure

Before you start decorating the nails with rhinestones, it is necessary to make hygienic pedicure. Even the most brilliant and beautiful design will fade in well-groomed feet.

Hygienic pedicure includes several stages:

  • steaming – the feet are placed in a basin of warm water containing liquid soap or other emollient.
  • treatment heels – carried out with the help of pumice stone or a special float. If you have a nail clipper, it would greatly facilitate foot care. Use features his «assistant» and you get a result not inferior hardware.
  • treatment of nails consists in the shortening of the length, the removal of the cuticle and other contaminants.

After all these procedures, you can begin the pedicure and the nail art decoration rhinestones.

Popular design pedicure with rhinestones

In contrast manicure design nails on the feet limited to a few most relevant and applicable in this area options. If the design looks beautiful and natural, the pedicure he would look out of place. For example, acrylic sand magnetic nail Polish or large rhinestones would look on the legs is not attractive. Stick with the classic options of pedicures and you’ll be fine.

Pedicure with rhinestones French

French pedicure along with a manicure will never go out of fashion. This is a lifesaver fashionistas who want to look stylish and modern.

Popular colors for pedicure French are considered:

  • black
  • pink
  • red
  • golden

Rhinestone accented a line «smile» or a certain area of the nail plate. The number and size of stones you can vary the degree of solemnity of your design. It can be slightly noticeable rhinestones, one on each nail, or a composition in the form of colors, abstractions, initials (for a wedding).

Decoration thumb

The design is popular among beginners as it requires a lot of time and effort into decorating each finger. Enough to stick to your thumbs large crystals or use the kits for decorating your pedicure ready.

Pedicure with rhinestones photos ideas in dark colors

The contrast between the varnish and sequins allows you to create an uncluttered, even austere pedicure.

It is important to choose a color of nail Polish that would match the shoes and clothes. The stones should be light or transparent basis. Their location on the nail plate does not matter.

Pedicure with rhinestones «Chinese painting»

Incredibly popular design where crystals play a major role. Of them spread patterns and colors all over the surface of the nail plate. In addition to the glittering stone, this pedicure complement sequins and a decorative coating in several colors.

Rhinestones – universal and applicable in almost any nail designs. Sparkling stones look appropriate and attractive in their daily and ceremonial performance. If you have not renewed your manicure set with these little ornaments, it’s time to do it.

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