Spectacular manicure with geometric pattern

Manicure with geometric patterns is quite a specific field of nail design, however, does have his admirers, ready to decorate the fingers of strict straight lines and shapes.

Geometric patterns is hard enough to perform beginner nail artists. But with our tips we will be able to master this new way of decorating nails and learn how to do striking geometric arts for a few minutes.

Geometric nails

As the name implies, this technique involves the precise application of geometric forms. To create such patterns you can use special tools or to portray them on a whim, relying on their own artistic abilities.

The simplest way to images of geometric figures is a regular brush. Its thickness should be as thin as possible, so your pattern will be more accurate and smooth. Some girls use a toothpick, as it is more stable than a soft brush. In any case, the geometric nail art you will need some drawing skills.

«Firm hand» and confidence in the result can be gained only by constant practice. As often as you can train your skill, so every time your geometric prints got better and better.

To create a geometric pattern with a brush required a lucky few shades, the binder and the actual drawing tool. First cover nails with 1-2 layers of lacquer on the dried up surface draw patterns.

«Helpers» in the creation of geometric manicure

The drawing hand does not require much time, besides to paint on nails abstract geometry can every girl. But if you want to get spectacular and eye-catching result, here you need a special nail tools.



To create the smooth lines of the strips are simply irreplaceable. To perform a manicure with them can own the shortest possible time. To create a geometric manicure you need to cover the nails bright varnish, wait until it is completely dry.

After that, stick on nails strips in the form of diamonds, squares or other patterns. Cover the nail with a different shade of nail Polish and dry it under the UV lamp, if it’s a gel Polish, or to wait for the drying air, in the case of using the decorative nail Polish.

Once the varnish is dry, remove the strips. As a result, you get a manicure with the bright lines and contrast basis.


Girls are so creative that they use to create fancy nail art without exaggeration, all that are at hand. That geometric manicure they found a way out using regular tape.

The creation of such a design takes a bit more time than, for example, the painting with a brush, but the result is much more impressive.

Applying pieces of tape to the nail, you can separate the space where there will be another coat of varnish. Use a few contrasting shades of varnish, so your design will be more voluminous. Take a look at an example of creating a geometric manicure using Scotch tape below and you will understand how this simple device makes it easier for girls drawing beautiful patterns.


Dots is a brush tip which is made in the form of a metal ball. It is used for drawing points and circles on the nails. Working with dots is very easy, you only need to dip the brush in a jar of lacquer and pressed the tip to the surface of the nail.

Stamps and stencils

Ready-made templates come to the rescue when you need to quickly create an original geometric manicure. They have caused the patterns. All you need to do is to attach the stencil to the surface of the nail and cover it with colored lacquer. So for a few minutes you will receive an elaborate and beautiful design.

A geometric pattern on your nails step by step

The basis of beautiful and impressive manicure is well-groomed nails are a classic shape. To achieve such a result, it is important to constantly pay attention to the health of the nail plate, cuticles and skin on the fingers.

Phase 1

Before creating any manicure you need to undertake hygienic processing of hands to do the polishing and degreasing of the nail plate. Once a week to do strengthening bath for nails with added essential oils and other cosmetics.

Stage 2

Apply on nails to gel Polish that will protect and strengthen the delicate structure of the nail. Dry means under LED or UV lamp about a minute.

Step 3

Cover the nails with colored gel Polish. For deeper color, apply a coating in two layers. Dry nails under the lamp.

Step 4

Start to draw geometric figures. To do this, use nail adhesive strips or tape. Glue the material to completely dry the nail plate in a random order, creating a smooth geometric shape. Especially popular are triangles, rhombi, angles, abstract composition.

Step 5

Apply on top of strips of nail Polish in a different shade of the dried coating under a lamp. After complete drying of the varnish, remove the strips and evaluate results. If in some places the picture is fuzzy, it is possible to draw it using a thin brush or toothpick.

Are step by step instructions is the basis for your own nail art. If you are just beginning to experiment with geometric manicure, repeat the above method of drawing, and then proceed to more complex designs.

Nail art design with geometric pattern

Geometric manicure can be called the most creative and unusual. There are no strict rules or restrictions, each girl has the right to depict on their nails the most original patterns and shapes.

Despite such liberty, there are several trends that are particularly relevant in this season.

Manicure with streaks

This manicure looks fresh and stylish, but to do it very simply. Covered with colored lacquer on the nail, tassel or ribbon is drawn lengthwise stripes. Some artists draw it with rhinestones or glitter.

The trend this season is geometric manicure in black and white shades. This is a relevant option for office and business style.

Geometric gradient manicure

The combination of two mega-popular techniques manicure allows you to create stylish and eye-catching nail art for every day and for special occasions. Make this design your own is difficult, but an experienced master can easily handle this task.

Especially good is not only the main color, made in the technique of Ombre and stripes that shimmer from one end of the nail to the other.

Geometric pattern on nails

This design is also combined gradient and geometric shapes. The main figure of the manicure are the diamonds, which need to draw on the nails. Each row of diamonds is covered by a separate varnish, this creates the feeling of a smooth transition from dark to light shades.

Geometric manicure is complex in execution and requires some concentration, but the result is worth it. Your nails will be adorned with beautiful shapes and patterns that are suitable for casual, business and youth images.

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