Spectacles sunglasses became available for purchase in the online store

In September last year, Snapchat introduced its first hardware solution sunglasses Spectacles is worth $ 130 that feature built-in cameras.

Originally they could be bought only from vending machines, which the company installed in several cities in new York and California. Now Spectacles available on the official website for the same price in three colors (Coral, Black and Teal). The kit includes hard case for storage and transportation, as well as cable. At the time of publication notes the waiting time for delivery is 2 to 4 weeks.

The company noted that the product was well received by the public, however, is that to make money on Spectacles does not succeed because the costs of production and distribution still exceed the income from sales.

Vending machines with Spectacles will continue to appear in various cities of the United States.


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