Specialists TechInsights has estimated the cost of the components of the smartphone Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X with such radical innovations for Apple, as the display is AMOLED, costing the production more expensive models of iPhone 8 about 25%. While its retail price is 43% higher.

Component costs Apple iPhone X undertook to calculate the company’s specialists TechInsights. They have turned the amount 357,5 dollar. Considering that the smartphone is sold for $ 999, gross profit Apple is 64%. In the case of iPhone 8 price is 699 dollars, with a gross profit of 59%.

This is quite an unexpected situation, since models which use the already well-developed technologies are usually more profitable. In this case, smartphone, iPhone 8, which is an improved version of the iPhone 7, due to the lower cost could bring more profit than X. However, Apple iPhone, according to one analyst, could afford to «be different».



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