Specialists iFixit have put the new MacBook Pro just two points for maintainability

Specialists iFixit got to one of the new models of laptops Apple MacBook Pro. This time dissected the most affordable camera with 13-inch screen, devoid of the touch panel is Touch Bar. The process was captured on video.

To begin with, that in addition to lack the same touch pad, as it turned out, the younger MacBook Pro has two USB ports-C. That is, it has only two such connector.

The system Board houses the Intel Core i5-6460U, RAM SKhynix chip H9CCNNNBJTML, Wi-Fi module Universal Scientific Industrial 339S025, the controller 3 Intel Thunderbolt JHL6540, audio codec Cirrus Logic CS42L63A and other components.

Removable, which is unusual for Apple laptops, the SSD includes flash memory SanDisk SDRQKBDC4 064G controller Apple 338S00227.

It can also be noted that the cooling system, which Apple advertised as brand new, were quite conventional in their design.

In the end, the laptop earned only two points out of a possible ten. To the pluses of the new Apple brought the fact that the trackpad can be quite easily dismantled without having to remove the battery as it was previously. In the cons the laptop recorded the proprietary Pentalobe screws, a large amount of glue to attach the battery, soldered RAM and a proprietary connector for the SSD.



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