Specialist, led the development of the autopilot, was accused of stealing secrets Tesla

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against Sterling Anderson (Sterling Anderson), a former program Manager Autopilot, claiming that he stole secret information concerning the technology of self-driving cars, and destroyed the traces of their crimes. We are talking about the «hundreds of gigabytes of confidential information», which Anderson allegedly copied to a personal external drive.

In addition, Anderson is credited with attempting to lure about ten Tesla employees in its company Aurora, which was to focus on creating self-driving cars. The lawsuit also featured a business partner Anderson, Chris Urmson (Chris Urmson), who previously led the development of self-driving cars in Google.

As alleged in the lawsuit, Anderson collaborated with Urmana in the workplace, using company laptop and while in the area belonging to Tesla. Anderson was fired on January 2, but continued their activities, violating the conditions of the contract.

In a statement, Aurora on the claim action Tesla described as «paranoia» and «morbid fear of competition». The company believes that it will be able to refute the arguments of the plaintiff in court.

Source: Engadget



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