Special team Ford aims to accelerate the development of electric vehicles

In Ford Motor company formed a division Team Edison, the task of which declared the accelerated development of electric vehicles. According to the Sheriff, Marakby (Sherif Marakby), Vice President for self-driving vehicles and electrification, the members of the group will have «to think broadly and make quick decisions.»

One of the goals of the team called the establishment and development of partnerships with other companies, including suppliers. The group will be based in the Detroit area and work with the regional groups, the electrification of Ford vehicles in China and Europe.

Marakby, said that the actions of governments aimed at promoting electric vehicles, pose a significant potential market growth. As you know, China, India, France and the United Kingdom has already announced plans to phase out cars with internal combustion engines and fossil fuels in the period from 2030 to 2040.

Earlier, Ford announced its intention to spend $ 4.5 billion on the production of electric vehicles and vehicles with hybrid power plants.

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