Speaker system Oppo Sonica Grand is equipped with interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

The company’s product range has expanded Oppo Digital sound system the Sonica Grand with wireless connectivity to the source. Powered speakers Oppo Sonica Grand from the mains.

In an aluminum casing Oppo Sonica Grand is seven emitters, forming a three speaker system. Three of the woofer is located so as to widen the stereo effect. A highlight as are the tweeters, ribbon (planar) type, which usually can be seen only in as a higher class. Power, frequency response, and the value of coefcient nonlinear distortions, the manufacturer does not.

Speaker system Oppo Sonica Grand is equipped with interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which ensures flexibility connectivity: Wi-Fi allows you to create a configuration of multiple speakers located in different rooms and Bluetooth allows you to connect to mobile devices directly without a wifi network. Also provides a wired Ethernet connection and analogue input TRS 3.5 mm.

To control Sonica Grand has a mobile app that allows you to organize streaming record resolution up to 24-bit/192 kHz with mobile devices, external storage or NAS. It supports AirPlay and DLNA.

On the Russian market speaker system the Sonica Grand should appear in the beginning of 2017 at a price of about 60 000.

Source: Oppo


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