Speaker system Acoustic Energy AE109 have optimized crossover filters

Company Acoustic Energy has introduced a new series of home speaker systems AE100, the flagship of which was the floor model AE109. Like its namesake predecessor, which debuted in 1996, it refers to the budget segment, but borrows a number of solutions from top product lines. These include horn design of the tweeter that extends its radiation pattern and the crossover, in which the attention is paid to phase and time coherence in loudspeakers.

Speaker system Acoustic Energy AE109 has the 2.5-way scheme, where the dome tweeter has a diameter of 28 mm divided by the frequency of 2.3 kHz with clinohedrite bass speakers with a diameter of 4 inches. Slotted bass reflex port displayed on the rear panel, the housing wall is made from panels of MDF 18 mm thick, base weighted for stability Lucchini. With dimensions of 800 x 160 x 240 mm weight of each speaker is 14 kg, mounting for magnetic fabric mesh. The claimed frequency range from 40 Hz to 35 kHz, sensitivity of 89 dB and 4 ohms.

Two-way bookshelf model uses Acoustic Energy AE100 speakers and similar materials (MDF 18 mm, vinyl), but the frequency partition already increased to 3.5 kHz. The frequency range is just «shrank the bottom» to 45 Hz, the sensitivity decreased to 87 dB, impedance remains at 4 Ohms. Dimensions equal to 270 x 160 x 240 mm. the recommended price for the UK market is 550 and £ 200 on flooring and shelving modifications.

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