Spartan briefs with built-in Faraday cage designed to protect the «family jewels» from radio waves

On the website Kickstarter is raising funds to release Spartan cowards. The minimum Deposit that allows to hope for obtaining one pair is 38 euros. The amount of the minimum are expected to collect the project’s organizers, have already closed more than in half.

According to the creators of Spartan, these briefs are designed to protect the «family jewels» wearing them from radio waves. Protection is ensured by the presence in tissue of silver fibers that form a Faraday cage. Allegedly, the fabric consists of silver fiber 35% and blocks 99% of radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi networks.

Briefs are offered in six sizes. Available colors be determined by the results of the campaign, which ends in 27 days.

The shipment of finished products makers of Spartan promise to begin in June of this year.

Source: Kickstarter


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