SpaceX wants to launch 4425 satellites to provide Internet access across the planet

The idea is to provide people with access to the Internet through satellites stirs the minds of not just one company. These include and SpaceX. Elon Musk (Elon Musk) first mentioned this idea in 2014.

And here now it became known that SpaceX has filed a Federal communications Commission United States (Federal Communications Commission; FCC) request for a permit to run 4425 satellites to provide Internet access to people around the globe. This is three times more than the number of currently active satellites in Earth orbit, and 10% more than the total number of satellites given the non-performing.

It is known that their dimensions satellites will be much larger than CubeSats. Their mass is about 386 kg. the lifetime of one of the satellite supposedly will be equal to 5-7 years, that it looks very strange, given the cost of launching 1 kg of cargo. Devices will be at an altitude of about 1100-1300 km above the planet’s surface.

SpaceX expects to implement the idea in two stages. On the first be sent into space 800 satellites that will provide coverage of the USA and some other areas. And after that the company will start to launch the other devices. Interestingly, that SpaceX plans should take about five years. And this despite the fact that the life of one satellite as time is 5-7 years. Anyway, we are promised a data transfer rate up to 1 Gbit/s.

By the way, the documents revealed one interesting detail. It turns out that Musk owns a 54 percent stake in SpaceX, so some speculation about his position purely as a PR Manager is clearly far from the truth.

According to early reports, the project will cost the company $ 10 billion.



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