SpaceX can afford to pay $50 million for the destroyed satellite

As we reported last week, during a regular check engine exploded rocket, the Falcon 9 SpaceX, which was to be launched on 3 September, to bring into orbit a satellite Amos-6.

Israeli company Spacecom, which owned the destroyed satellite, sent an official statement to the leadership of SpaceX by offering them two options to solve the situation: either SpaceX will pay $ 50 million, or guarantees free launch of a new satellite. The offer seems quite humane, given the fact that Spacecom’ll spend on the creation of a new satellite, and the current losses of Spacecom in connection with the loss of the satellite are estimated at from 30 to 123 million dollars.

In any case, SpaceX, these losses are not too significant. Recently, the company announced that SpaceX has signed contracts for 70 startups worth more than $ 10 billion.



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