«Space 360″: the ISS began to record panoramic videos

17 Nov 2016 has been published on YouTube the first ever panoramic video, which was filmed on Board the International space station. The operator of the video was made by cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko, who was accompanied by a video with comments in Russian.

In the second panoramic video, which was published yesterday, Andrei Borisenko shows a module called «Dome». It was here that the inhabitants of the International space station have the opportunity to observe the Land. As the astronaut in a joking manner, the video clearly shows that no whales and no elephants in sight, and our planet is really round. To achieve greater effect it is recommended to use a VR headset.

Videos are recorded in resolution up to 4K for playback in panoramic mode, you must use a compatible browser.

New content will be published on the website of the project «Space 360″ is specified in the source.


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