South Korean researchers have found a way to speed up production of OLED panels and to increase the yield rate of

South Korean specialists have developed a technology that will significantly improve the performance of plants operating with thin films. In particular, it can be used in the manufacture of OLED panels.

Development for phase separation of thin film structures from the substrate. Now the layers are transferred one at a time, which is associated with a high risk of damage, and since the OLED panel can include up to 20 of the functional layers, as a result of large amount of time and decrease in yield rate of products. The source calls the process of transferring the main obstacle to the development of mass production of OLED panels.

Researchers have proposed to use for separating the flow of gas under pressure. With a multilayer structure is transferred at a time. The gas flow not only neatly separates the film, but also compacts the structure, additional bonding layers in between her.

Thin-film structures obtained in this way have a higher quality of the surface irregularities do not exceed the 5.2 nm, whereas the old technology provides a figure of 47.3 nm. The technology may find application in the production of OLED, solar cells and other products.


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