Sources confirm that Nintendo will use NX cartridges

Recall that NX Nintendo should become a hybrid of home and portable gaming system, which will use a new SOC Nvidia Tegra.

In July appeared the first rumors that Nintendo NX will not be used in optical discs, and cartridges with a capacity up to 32 GB. Recent information published by The Wall Street Journal, confirms previous rumors.

Recall, Nintendo used various models of cartridges in the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Nintendo 64, however, in 2000, releasing GameCube, the company moved to disk. If we talk about portable gaming consoles Nintendo, they continue to use cartridges so far, although the cartridges used in the 3DS are very different from the models of times of Game Boy and Game Boy Colour. The source says the cartridges Nintendo NX to be similar to those that apply to the 3DS.

The transition from disk to a new physical media should help platformtarget more effectively deal with piracy and to increase the reliability of the vehicle and the speed of loading games.



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