Soundwall Nova — the picture and sound system in one product

Those who are regular pictures seem outdated, and hang on the wall something you want, can fit a device called a Soundwall Nova.

Soundwall Nova is both picture and sound system. As usual, it is best to understand from the video.

Soundwall Nova is an aluminum sheet coated with the image, which covers a small body with a stereo system inside. With the device now has a backlight and the ability to react to gestures.

Sound source Soundwall Nova is connected through a wireless interface, and control with proprietary SOFTWARE. The choice of the buyer there are more than 150 design options, including reproductions of works by famous artists. But you can send the creators of the Soundwall and any other image to your taste, if only it had at the appropriate resolution.

The cost of the Soundwall Nova is rather high. Depending on the shape and size of the technological picture will have to pay 900 or $ 1050.


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