Sound headset Cooler Master MasterPulse Over-ear nastraivatsa magnetic pads

Followed by compact liquid cooling system Cooler Master introduced full-size gaming headset MasterPulse Over-ear. A key feature of novelty is the Bass FX technology: under this name hides a removable magnetic pads on the outside of the cups. After removing the pads, you can get a brighter sound with accentuated bass, for a more balanced sound the pads can be put back in.

The model Cooler Master MasterPulse Over-ear the company focuses on the stereo, it gave the opportunity to use a large loudspeaker of 44 mm diameter with a special coating. In the future there will be multi-channel modification MasterPulse Pro and wireless MasterPulse Maker. The claimed frequency response 20-20000 Hz (irregularity is not specified), nominal impedance 50 Ohms, sensitivity of 118 or 109 dB (the last value is removed from the plates) and a power of 100 mW.

The structural strength provided by the lightweight aluminium chassis and comfort padded headband with replaceable pads of different shapes and soft replaceable ear cushions leatherette. Flat cable length of 1.2 m embedded control unit with volume control mute. Hidden in one of the cups of the omnidirectional microphone is characterized by a frequency response 100-10000 Hz sensitivity -34 ± 3 dB. Headset Cooler Master MasterPulse Over-ear already appeared for sale at a price of 70 euros.

Cooler Master


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