Soon the market will come first chromebook with a hybrid processor AMD

Selection of chromebooks on the market is large enough. However, often it is not particularly necessary, as these devices are quite specific and do not require powerful processors and graphics cards.

As it became known, soon on the market should appear chromebook with an AMD processor. For potential buyers this is unlikely to matter, but the fact is remarkable in itself. The fact that at the moment there is not a single grombala with an AMD processor. All models are based either on Intel or on-chip systems the ARM architecture.

The device, hiding now under the code name Kahlee will receive not just a solution to AMD, and a hybrid processor, which is also a first for this segment. APU will contain two cores Excavator and GPU unknown configuration. That is, the representative of the seventh generation (Stoney Ridge) hybrid mobile processors, which was presented last summer.

Mention of Kahlee found in the code of Coreboot, which replaces kromboom BIOS.

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