Soon NASA will test parachute system-managed Exo-Brake is designed for small satellites

Management of NASA talked about his latest design called Exo-Brake. In simple words, it is a smart chute for compact spacecraft that will help them return to the ground, not burned in the atmosphere.

The implementation is actually much more complicated. System Exo-Brake is the mechanical design of struts, flexible cords and system control. The latter constantly adjusts the relative positions of the structural elements thus to increase the resistance and reduce the speed of the falling satellite.

In fact, development is not new. To test Exo-Brake started back in 2012. The first test in real conditions has to happen in the near future. At least NASA reports that this system is equipped with a satellite TechEdSat-5, which was delivered to the ISS on 9 December the Japanese spacecraft H-II Transfer Vehicle.

By the way, TechEdSat-5 uses a system of avionics PhoneSat-5 PC-based Intel Edison. This is the first use of this solution in the space industry.

In the future more complex systems on the basis of the principles implemented in the Exo-Brake, can be used for planting different modules to Mars or other planets in the Solar system.



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