Sony’s revenue last quarter was $ 16,59 billion, net profit for the year increased by 282%

Sony has published the report for the quarter ended June 30, 2017.

Income for the reporting period amounted to 16,590 billion. Compared to the same period of the previous year income increased by 15.2%.

Sony’s operating profit for the quarter totaled 1,407 billion. It 180,5% more than last year. Profit before tax in the report are equal to 1,329 billion. During the year it increased by 161,1%. Net profit was 722 million dollars, which is 282,1% more than last year.

The manufacturer notes that revenue growth is due primarily to the success of divisions that manufacture semiconductor products and financial services. In these segments, the growth amounted to 41.4% and 30.3%, respectively. Sales of cameras increased by 27.3%, and mobile devices — declined by 2.5%. In the segment of game consoles and related services and recorded sales growth of 5.4%. Sales of home entertainment electronics and audio equipment during the year managed to increase by 8.9%. Motion pictures and sound recording brought to Sony by 12.3% and 18.8% more income than a year ago.



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