Sony UBP-X1000ES — the first Sony player with support for Ultra HD Blu-ray

Sony has announced the sale of its first Ultra HD player Blu-ray. Of course, a device called the Sony UBP-X1000ES able to play Blu-ray, CD and DVD, and 1080p video can be converted to 4K 60p. About the price while no data.

Recall that the standardization of Ultra HD Blu-ray was completed in may last year. In addition to high resolution — up to 3840 x 2160 pixels, it also has support for extended color space and HDR, as well as new formats of multichannel sound. The obligatory player Ultra HD Blu-ray is backward compatible with regular Blu-ray discs. The first player Ultra HD Blu-ray — Samsung UBD-K8500 — went on sale in February of this year.

Source: Pocket-lint



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